The benefits of understanding industrial cybersecurity

What leaders should know about the absence of effective operational technology cybersecurity and how digital transformation of OT systems can exacerbate cybersecurity risk.
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As enterprises invest in digital transformation, industrial cybersecurity will increasingly serve as the critical enabler for safely and securely advancing business goals through technological innovation.


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While this transformation of operational technology (OT) provides significant benefits, they can be diminished by increased cyber security risk.

A new report, “An Executive’s Guide to Industrial Cybersecurity,” produced by Dragos, breaks down how organizations can better secure operational technology systems. The report looks at:

  • How digital transformation and connectivity increase risk and exposure
  • How the OT threat landscape is growing rapidly and increasing in sophistication
  • Why remediating OT vulnerabilities requires a different approach than IT vulnerabilities
  • Next steps executives should take to assess and address the unique challenges of OT cybersecurity

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This article was produced by CyberScoop for, and sponsored by, Dragos.

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