Planning a robust response to cyberthreats with a zero-trust mindset

New white paper outlines near-term tactics to energize government agencies’ cybersecurity efforts and zero trust implementation.

With constant cyberthreats and security incidents evolving in complexity and scale, how can government agencies protect themselves in modernized IT environments while continuously maturing security protocols to meet zero trust?

Download the white paper.

According to a new Invicti Security white paper, Zero Trust at Work, fully adopting a zero-trust mindset will require a change in every agency’s culture around cybersecurity with commitment and focused effort at all levels. The paper explains the importance of a zero-trust mindset with an emphasis on understanding an organization’s entire attack surface, especially regarding web applications and workloads.

“With more than 1.9 billion web applications today, serious vulnerabilities put government agencies at risk,” the white paper states. “As agencies move to a cloud-first environment where data and functionality are accessible from anywhere in the world, they must focus on this [application and workload] zero-trust pillar and implement modern security solutions to provide visibility into every website and application. There is simply no such thing as an unimportant application; without the right security measures in place, any app is an open door to danger.”

According to the white paper, agencies should keep these best practices and considerations top of mind as they develop future cybersecurity efforts:

  • Mapping full attack surface
  • Testing and maintaining a cybersecurity incident response plan
  • Adding security to every role
  • Integrating security testing into development and operations
  • Accelerating with outside expertise

Download the white paper to learn more about energizing cybersecurity efforts and accelerating progress in zero trust implementation.

This article was produced by Scoop News Group for CyberScoop and sponsored by Invicti Security.

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