Uber security executives leave company amid lawsuit and breach investigation

Two security employees are resigning, and another is taking medical leave. All three were apparently working at Uber during the October 2016 breach.

Two top Uber data security officials are resigning from the company and another has taken medical leave in the wake of two major security scandals concerning the ridesharing company, Reuters first reported.

Security chief of staff Pooja Ashok and senior security engineer Prithvi Rai are leaving Uber, and Global Threat Operations head Mat Henley is taking medical leave, Reuters said, citing an Uber spokesperson and a separate source.

All three employees were working at Uber at the time of an October 2016 breach the company disclosed last month, according to their LinkedIn profiles. The departures follow the dismissal of Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan and company lawyer Craig Clark in relation to the beach. Sullivan and Clark coordinated to pay hackers $100,000 to delete the data of 57 million users that was maliciously obtained. The breach has prompted outcry from U.S. lawmakers and an an investigation by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Uber is also being sued by Alphabet subsidiary Waymo, which alleges Uber stole intellectual property regarding the development of autonomous vehicles, an area where the two companies compete. Uber and Waymo were supposed to begin trial this week, but it has been delayed until February due to a letter from a former Uber employee alleging that the company used encrypted communication and secret servers in order to coordinate corporate espionage

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