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Mischel Kwon (Source: MKACyber)

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Mischel Kwon

Over a three-decade career in security, Mischel Kwon held a succession of increasingly highly-ranked technical leadership positions before founding MKACyber, a security consulting firm that assesses and…

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Kimber Dowsett

Kimber Dowsett is a security architect for 18F, a specialized technology division within the General Services Administration, or GSA, that’s been called the U.S. government’s startup.

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Niloofar Howe

As Chief Strategy Officer for RSA, Niloofar Howe responsible for the health and direction of the business, as well as figuring out a way large incumbent companies…
Suzanne Vautrinot, Wells Fargo Board of Directors

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Suzanne Vautrinot

Suzanne Vautrinot retired from the U.S. Air Force in Oct. 2013 as a major-general and commander of the 24th Air Force, where she'd been in charge of…

Top Women in Cybersecurity: Amelie Koran

Amelie Koran, ‎U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General Societal biases are not always apparent to those who aren’t exposed to them on…