Secret Service to revive the Cyber Investigations Advisory Board

The federal advisory committee will offer expert and industry advice to the agency.
U.S. Secret Service officer, wearing a vest with various equipment attached, stands in front of the White House. (Getty Images)

The United States Secret Service is reestablishing a federal committee to advise the agency on cyber investigations, according to a notice on the Federal Register.

The Cyber Investigations Advisory Board aims to be an industry and expert advisory panel for the Secret Service, according to the notice, which is scheduled to be officially published on Friday.

The office was first established in 2020 as a 16-member federal advisory committee with the goal of providing “outside strategic direction to the Secret Service’s investigative mission.” The board was created in part to overhaul the agency’s investigation practices, officials said at the time.

The advisory board will be the main avenue “through which senior industry and other experts can engage, collaborate, and advise the USSS regarding cybersecurity and cybercrime issues,” according to the notice.


The filing noted that the announcement is not a request for membership. The Secret Service did not respond to requests for comment.

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