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Staying ahead of the adversary with AI- and ML-enabled SOC capabilities

Organizations across both the public and private sector are quickly taking advantage of modern tools and applications to interact with employees, customers and stakeholders in new ways. 

However, as the security edge gets closer to the application organizations are at greater risk for threats and for IT security teams and it can be a challenge to keep up with the many changes at the application layer.

In an exclusive CyberScoop interview, Paul Beckman, vice president and chief information security officer at ManTech — and former federal CISO — discusses the changing security landscape and how organization leaders can modernize their security operations centers to keep pace with these evolving changes.

Beckman elaborates on the concept of SOC 2.0, an AI- and ML-driven security incident event management solution to helps security teams parse out and contextualize terabytes of data coming to them daily. He also explores ways that organizations can build greater cyber resiliency with key industry partnerships.

Watch the full interview with Beckman and learn more about how ManTech is developing skilled security professionals to help organizations with their security needs.

This video interview was produced by CyberScoop and underwritten by ManTech.