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Strengthening the ‘cyber kill chain’ to combat modern threats

The sophistication, speed and diversity of cyberattack techniques today require security leaders to strengthen what is known as the “cyber kill chain” model, which can better equip organizations to respond to ransomware, security breaches and advanced persistent attacks.

In a new CyberScoop interview, Derek Manky, chief of security insights and global threat alliances at Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, shares his insights on trends in ransomware, malware and botnets and what organizations can do to combat cybercrime. 

Manky says security teams should integrate technology with actionable intelligence to combat the speed of weaponization of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Cybercriminal strategies target every stage in the attack chain, he says. To effectively defend against modern attacks, security teams need a combination of tools and skilled professionals to understand and monitor the entire attack chain and have up-to-date incident response plans ready to deploy. 

Watch the full interview with Derek Manky and learn more about combatting modern threats. 

This video interview was produced by Scoop News Group and CyberScoop and underwritten by Fortinet.