The Iranian flag is seen on a diplomatic car in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry building (R) in Moscow, 01 March 2006. (Photo by DENIS SINYAKOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Albania says Iranian hackers hit the country with another cyberattack

The alleged Iranian cyberattack attack follows U.S. sanctions on Iran after Albania blamed it for hacking government systems.
Members of the scientific police unit enter the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tirana on September 8, 2022. Albania broke diplomatic ties with Iran on September 8 over an alleged cyberattack against the government this summer, as Washington vowed to hold Tehran accountable for targeting its NATO ally. (Photo by GENT SHKULLAKU/AFP via Getty Images)

U.S. sanctions Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in response to Albanian cyberattack

The July attacks involved multiple groups responsible for different aspects of the operation against Albania, researchers said.