Private equity firm that created Trellix spins off another cyber business, Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh is essentially the last piece of the puzzle created by Symphony Technology Group's shakeup of several big cybersecurity brands.
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Silicon Valley private equity firm Symphony Technology Group announced Tuesday morning that Skyhigh Security will be the name of the cloud security business it planned to spin off after launching Trellix earlier this year.

It’s essentially the last piece of the puzzle created by STG’s shakeup of several big cybersecurity brands in 2021. The firm launched Trellix in January, combining FireEye with much of McAfee Enterprise.

Back then STG had announced that Gee Rittenhouse, who formerly had led Cisco’s cybersecurity business, would be the CEO of what now will be called Skyhigh Security. The company will focus on secure service edge (SSE) technology, which follows “data and users wherever they are,” Skyhigh said in a news release.

Rittenhouse said the goal is to give organizations “complete visibility and control and seamlessly monitor and mitigate security risks.” Other major cybersecurity companies also offer SSE services.


Skyhigh is basically the spinoff of the rest of McAfee Enterprise under a revived brand name. McAfee had acquired Skyhigh Networks in 2018.

FireEye’s former Mandiant division, which went public in 2021 after spinning off from STG, now has an agreement to be acquired by Google Cloud.

The McAfee brand continues under that company’s consumer-facing services.

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