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Selena Larson on e-crime matching nation state hackers; Disinfo before the Supreme Court

When studying cyberoperations, it’s easy to become enamored with state-backed hackers. Russian and Chinese operations have done much to shape our understanding of how power is exercised online, but it’s not clear that the intense attention dedicated to such operations is well-placed. Amid the current epidemic of ransomware, criminal hacking groups are arguably having as much if not a greater impact on the lives of ordinary people. On this week’s episode of Safe Mode, Selena Larson, a senior threat intelligence analyst at Proofpoint, sits down with host Elias Groll to make the case for why e-crime groups should be afforded just as much attention as state-backed hackers, reframing how we think about the cybersecurity landscape. CyberScoop reporter Derek Johnson also joins the show to discuss the fallout of a major Supreme Court ruling on the fight against disinformation.


Supreme Court rejects effort to limit government communication on misinformation | CyberScoop


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