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Major breaches, the government’s AI push and UFOs: Scoop reporters on 2023’s biggest stories

In our final episode of the year, host Elias Groll sits down with reporters from CyberScoop, FedScoop and Defense Scoop to discuss the biggest stories of the year. Christian Vasquez and AJ Vicens join the show to talk through the biggest breaches of the year and how the cybersecurity landscape changed in 2023. Madison Alder and Rebecca Heilweil come on to discuss how the federal government responded to calls to regulate AI. Mickayla Easley and Brandi Vincent close out the episode by discussing how the U.S. military is changing how it operates in space and what the Pentagon is doing to get to the bottom of a string of UFO sightings.


Youth hacking ring at the center of cybercrime spree | CyberScoop

Hackers that breached Las Vegas casinos rely on violent threats, research shows | CyberScoop

Russian hackers disrupted Ukrainian electrical grid last year | CyberScoop

Most agency AI inventories are ‘not fully comprehensive and accurate,’ GAO reports | FedScoop

OMB draft AI guidance defines role of top agency AI official, adds to inventories | FedScoop

Space Force gearing up for new challenges after record-setting rapid launch | DefenseScoop

Pentagon’s UAP investigation chief to depart Dec. 1 | DefenseScoop

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