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Threats to elections in 2024 and a deepfake in New Hampshire

In the year 2024, elections will take place around the world affecting some 4 billion people — an election year unlike any other. Besides the United States, voters will go to the polls in the European Union, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico and Indonesia, just to name a few. The next time we’ll see this many elections in one year will be in 2048. On Safe Mode this week, host Elias Groll sits down with Katie Harbath, who spent a decade at Facebook overseeing the platform’s work on elections, to discuss how the major technology platforms are preparing for an unprecedented election year. CyberScoop reporter Derek B. Johnson joins the show to discuss a deepfake robocall in the New Hampshire primary and what the incident tells us about what to expect regarding AI-driven disinformation in 2024.


Fake Joe Biden robocall tells New Hampshire Democrats not to vote Tuesday | NBC News

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