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Iranian attacks on U.S. water systems and the data broker economy

To be a person in the world today is to have your data collected. Whether it’s your internet browsing history, your location history as you walk around with your phone in your pocket, or the purchases you make online, there’s few human activities today that aren’t in one way or another tracked. So what happens with all that data once it’s collected? Increasingly, it’s bundled with other data and sold as part of large data sets by firms in the data broker industry. Justin Sherman, a senior fellow at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, has done groundbreaking work to understand this industry, and he sits down with host Elias Groll to talk about how personal data is being bought and sold. CyberScoop reporter Christian Vasquez also joins the show to discuss Iranian attacks on U.S. water systems.


Justin Sherman’s report on data brokers selling data of U.S. military personnel

Pennsylvania water facility hit by Iranian hackers | CyberScoop

Feds: Iran-linked hacking campaign a ‘clarion call’ for digital defenses | CyberScoop

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